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Will you really be around if "we need service down the road??"
Posted by Devin Warner

With so many "Fly By Night" and single man operators showing up in this ever growing telematics space and then disappearing, you have to be very careful who you engage to work with today's increasingly complex vehicles and telematics hardware. At MME, we work very diligently to be sure that we have the proper insurance limits and coverages to protect not only our customers, their property, and their vehicles, but also our employees and their families. We offer health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance to our employees so that they are fully vested in the success of our customers and our company which results in a vastly higher quality install than our competitors. Our employed technicians and our professional partner installers are all highly trained and fully insured for your peace of mind.

Additionally, we employ substantial technical and operational resources to help us when we encounter difficult installation or service situations that other small operators simply aren't equipped to handle successfully. MME is celebrating more than 10 years in business and we are keenly situated in the industry to be here for your needs long into the future!

We have watched countless so-called “installation companies” move into this space and try to find the next newest short cut to generating huge profits, only to fail and leave a trail of destruction in their wake. We have found that in this industry, most short cuts involve cutting quality in order to increase quantity. Untrained, under-insured “pay per touch” flat rate installers can put you, your assets, your customers, and ultimately your drivers at risk! And while proper training and insurance can’t prevent mistakes, it can prevent small issues from becoming huge ones.

So before you engage any installation or service partner for your next roll out, installation project, or service needs – ask them for proof:
Proof that they have the acceptable limits of insurance to protect all involved parties in the required scope of work. Any organization that is responsible and above board should have no problem answering your questions and providing Acord certificates proving that they are a responsible business and can provide you with assurances that if anything were to go south, you will be protected.
Proof that the actual installers that will be assigned to your project will be properly trained. Some “installers” are literally given a day or two of training, or even just a few minutes in some cases, and then are let loose on vehicles costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Before any of our employee technicians ever perform their very first install on their own, they have spent a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks training day to day working right next to a fully trained member of the MME management team to ensure that they are fully prepared for any job assignment.
And finally, proof that they aren’t a “pay per touch organization” where every installer is a casual laborer who gets paid $10 or $20 per install whether it works correctly when they are done or not. You don’t want to pull your truck off of the road a few days after the initial installation because the install is wrong and needs to be fixed before it ever starts working. And you certainly don’t want to have it towed off the road because a short cut installer damaged your vehicle and jeopardized your driver’s safety. MME’s employee technicians are paid hourly and as such have no incentive to rush through their work or “knock out installs” in 15 minutes or less. MME’s employee technicians and professional installation partners are driven to ensure that all of the hardware we install works properly the first time we touch it, so your vehicles and drivers can get back out there and get to work!

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