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"We Fix $6 Hair Cuts"
Posted by Devin Warner

I saw this hilarious commercial a while back. As commercials go, you see the same commercial like 49 times, and every once in a blue moon while you are brain sleeping through it for the 50th time, something clicks.

So this commercial starts out with Dan in his small family owned barber shop. Dan's been there forever, has a steady business with a reputation for doing good work, and life is good. Then a fancy dancy large chain barber shop opens up down the block. They apparently have a huge marketing budget. Their sign reads "Hair Cuts $6" and there are crowds, flags, balloons, and a grand ole party out front of this place for the grand opening celebration.

Unfortunately, Dan can't compete with this large chain's pricing strategy. So he has to come up with a plan and execute it.

So Dan gets a sign for his shop. Dan's sign reads "We Fix $6 Haircuts!" When I saw this sign, it clicked for me. A lot of companies that install GPS tracking/Telematics hardware are an awful lot like that $6 hair cut joint - they are the "Speedy Gonzales" of the GPS world. They go in there, slap the hardware in the dash, maybe they test it, maybe they don't, and then throw the truck back together. Sure they can get 30 installs done in a day by a single tech, they charge super low pricing, and they knock them out left and right. But how well is that unit going to work, if at all? How many damage complaints are you going to receive? And then what is your customer going to need to go through to get that unit working when they figure out that it doesn't? Do they need to pull the truck off the road again? How much does that cost them in lost productivity? Do you need to credit air time for your customer to try and compensate them for their loss? Do you really want to send Speedy Gonzalez back out there to fix it, and hope that he does it right this time? Or do you pay someone else to go out and fix it the right way? So how much did that cheap install really cost you and your customer in the long run? Wouldn't you rather pay a quality organization a fair price for a quality install, done right the first time and prevent you and your customer from dealing with the hassle?

So if you want your installs done correctly, talk to MME. We install them right the first time. But yea, if need be, we can fix $6 hair cuts too.

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