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Why are you always harping on quality?
Posted by Belynda Warner
If you’ve perused our site or talked to any of our people, you have probably seen or heard the word quality more than once. Yeah, quality is all well and good, you might think, but why is it such a big deal? Maybe you don’t really care about superior workmanship, as long as the system works and your fleets’ downtime is minimized. Many people think that way.
Years ago, I had the privilege of working with a Quality Assurance Manager at a much larger company. His favorite thing to say was this:
Quality, Time, or Price. Pick two, because you can’t have all three.
He’s right. If you want your installs done dirt cheap, or in no time flat, you may be willing to sacrifice quality to achieve that goal. But too many times, we have been called out to clean up installs that were done way too quickly, because they weren’t done right. So did you really achieve the savings you’d intended? Not really, since now your trucks are off the road twice. And what if that ten-minute install was done so haphazardly that your dashboard was not put back together correctly and now your brake lights don’t work? You might not even know about it until your driver comes in with a fix-it ticket, or worse, he gets rear-ended.  
It is true that quality workmanship does take a little longer, and may (or may not) cost a bit more to achieve. But in the long run, a GPS unit installed correctly the first time will be the one that is still reporting years later when you trade in the vehicle, never having been pulled off the road to correct an installation-related issue. You won’t have to wonder if the unit will be working when you need to prove to a customer that your driver was where he said he was, or when you need to find him in the case of an oilfield emergency. 
Your truck, van, limo, SUV, bus, or tractor is an investment. It’s worthwhile to invest a little extra time to get the job done right the first time. After all, do you want your kid driven around in a school bus in which some installer racing against the clock took a shortcut that will eventually cause some crucial component to fail and cause a safety related issue?
At MME, we pride ourselves on quality without compromise, because we know that when it comes to vehicles, compromise is simply not an option.

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